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ITN Converter

Creates and converts roadmaps and trip plans
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Plan trips and convert routes in the digital environment working with roadbook files from GPS or mapping software such as TomTom, Navigon, Garmin, MapPoint, or MapSource. The utility transfers routes between different GPS systems, downloads and uploads maps, etc.

ITN Converter is a free and reliable application for travelers. If you want to travel to a place that you haven’t explored yet, you can use this software in order to establish your route.
The program has two main functionalities: to plan routes and to convert. This means that it can help you establish your itinerary and convert it to an appropriate format for different GPS devices. The converting feature is really helpful when you want to organize a group travel, since you can convert and transfer your itinerary to all participants. Planning or modifying a route is also very simple when using ITN Converter. After adding the map, you just have to choose the leaving point and the desired destination, and the itinerary will be automatically established.
You can install ITN Converter either on your computer or on your GPS device. It works well with plenty of map formats. Although it is based on Google Maps, you are able to use it with others mapping applications as well.
In order to conclude, ITN Converter is a helpful tool that can both establish travel itineraries and make them suitable for different GPS devices.

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